Duxbury is Greener thanks to Green Up Day Volunteers

Thanks to all who went out equipped with bright green bags to “green up” Duxbury on May 1, 2021! 

As many as 60 volunteers covered all main town roads this year, working on their own roads and spreading out to take on others that needed more attention. They picked up all sorts of trash; wrestling old, soggy mattresses from the roadsides and even tackling an ancient legacy dump on River Road. In all, Duxbury volunteers collected 2.64 tons of tires and 1.65 tons of trash in one event!

This was Duxbury Land Trust’s 24th year organizing Duxbury’s Green Up Day. We couldn’t have done this without our town officials: Select Board members, Town Clerk and Treasurer Maureen Harvey, and Highway Foreman Brian Gibbs

Thank you to all for making Green Up Day a success!

Tossing Tires on Green Up Day 2021 (photo credit: Shawnee Perry)

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