2012 Annual Report

April 1, 2011 – March 31, 2012

The Duxbury Land Trust (DLT) observed its seventeenth anniversary in October 2011. Highlights of the 2011-2012 program year are as follows:

Conservation of the Cook Property

We closed on the 13 acre Cook property in May. The purchase was funded by the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, Central Vermont Trout Unlimited, and generous donations from DLT members and others. The Duxbury Land Trust now owns 29 acres along Ridley Brook for a total of 3,355 feet of brook frontage. The Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board co-hold a conservation easement on the property, ensuring that the land will never be developed.

The Land Trust is planning to develop a low-impact footpath type trail through the property and the adjoining DLT property. The trail will provide access for the public to enjoy the land.

Ridley Brook After Irene

Tropical Storm Irene altered Ridley brook and caused extensive damage to structures located along its banks. The road reconstruction, while done with State supervision, altered some properties, including the Land Trust’s. The newly acquired Cook property was especially impacted when a large section along the roadside was clear cut. While necessary to reconstruct and protect Camel’s Hump Road, the work significantly changed the character of the land.

The swimming hole, another DLT-owned property, was impacted by excavators entering to remove gravel. There are still areas that need attention to prevent further erosion and contamination of water quality in the brook.

The Land Trust is consulting with staff from the ANR Rivers Program, ANR Geology Department, and the Friends of the Winooski River to determine what restoration of the brook banks is feasible.

Memorial for Robert “Bo” Haslam

A small, informal dedication of a memorial bench was held at the home of Lois Haslam in May. Board member, Jim McCarthy, constructed the bench in memory of Bo Haslam. Bo was a founding member of the DLT and served as Vice-Chair for many years. He was a dedicated conservationist who cherished the Ridley Brook.

Other Activities During the Year included:

  • Publishing the newsletter
  • Monitoring two conservation easements on Crossett Hill and monitoring the DLT-owned properties
  • Coordinating Green-Up Day for the fifteenth year