Learn all about Black Bears at DLT’s Annual Meeting

The Duxbury Land Trust is holding its annual meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 6:30 p.m. at Crossett Brook Middle School, VT Route 100 in the library. A special presentation will follow a brief business meeting.

Jaclyn Comeau, Black Bear Project Leader for the VT Department of Fish and Wildlife will present: Living with Black Bears. She will discuss bear biology, their habitat needs and steps we can take to better coexist with them, topics that are especially timely for Duxbury residents each spring.

All are invited. You do not need to be a Duxbury Land Trust member.

More information: audreyq@myfairpoint.net or 802 244-7512.

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Duxbury Land Trust Foraged Nature Art Event ~ Saturday, October 9, 2021 ~ 10 – 11:30 AM

Drop in with Teaching Artist Rachel Mirus and Duxbury Land Trust Board Member at the Duxbury Land Trust Swimming Hole in North Duxbury, to explore the possibilities of foraged art! You’ll be able to try art materials made from nature, like berry paint, lichen inks, and feather dip pens. Rachel will have pre-made materials to share and will demo how to make a few of them over the course of the morning.

An accomplished and renown illustrator, Rachel’s passion is using art to teach life sciences to all ages. Originally trained in biology, she has worked in research labs and museums across the country. “In my own art-making, drawing is always about looking deeper and learning more about my subject. I especially like up close and personal portraits of the very small or the uncharismatic, like spiders or worms.”

Rachel Mirus on a brook adventure with a young friend

The event will be held outdoors at the Swimming Hole unless it’s pouring rain. The Swimming Hole is the first property of several conserved by the Land Trust over the years and is a local favorite for a place to cool off and splash around. It is located approximately one mile up Camels Hump Road from where Camels Hump Road intersects with River Road. Park along the roadside.

Free Admission. The event is open to all, particularly families. Participants are encouraged to wear masks, especially if not vaccinated.

Questions? Contact Rachel: rachel.marie.sargent@gmail.com   

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Duxbury Land Trust welcomes Solhem Sauna LLC as our second business sponsor.

Solhem Sauna LLC was founded in 1986 by South Duxbury resident, Nils Shenholm. Nils
was a Duxbury Land Trust board member for a number of years and coordinated Duxbury’s Green Up
Day for the Trust for 14 years.

While his preferred approach is to continue the Finnish tradition of sauna as a free-standing structure,
he can adapt the sauna to accommodate individual preferences and does many modern indoor stove rooms as well. For more information visit Solhem Sauna online or email: nils@saunavermont.com or 802-244-6460.

Welcome Solhem Sauna. We appreciate your support.

Solhem Sauna

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Duxbury is Greener thanks to Green Up Day Volunteers

Thanks to all who went out equipped with bright green bags to “green up” Duxbury on May 1, 2021! 

As many as 60 volunteers covered all main town roads this year, working on their own roads and spreading out to take on others that needed more attention. They picked up all sorts of trash; wrestling old, soggy mattresses from the roadsides and even tackling an ancient legacy dump on River Road. In all, Duxbury volunteers collected 2.64 tons of tires and 1.65 tons of trash in one event!

This was Duxbury Land Trust’s 24th year organizing Duxbury’s Green Up Day. We couldn’t have done this without our town officials: Select Board members, Town Clerk and Treasurer Maureen Harvey, and Highway Foreman Brian Gibbs

Thank you to all for making Green Up Day a success!

Tossing Tires on Green Up Day 2021 (photo credit: Shawnee Perry)

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Help Green Up Duxbury on May 1

Green Up Day is Saturday, May 1 and is being organized by the Duxbury Land Trust. We need your help to beautify our special town. Please help by collecting trash on your own road or helping out with more highly traveled or roads needing additional help.

Contact Audrey Quackenbush with questions and to report on your plans. Telephone (802) 244-7512.

Official Green Up bags are available in the black mailbox outside the Duxbury Town Clerk’s office. Please bring filled bags and tires found along the roadsides only to the town highway department, Route 100. North Duxbury volunteers can leave their bags at the pull-off in front of the railroad gate on the River Road. Please no personal trash, or tires.

Use common sense in venturing out, dress appropriately, and due to COVID concerns, wear a facial covering and stay at a distance when working with those not in your own household.

Get involved with Green Up this year and help make it a success!

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Duxbury Land Trust welcomes Honeywilya Fish

In April, Honeywilya Fish became DLT’s first business sponsor. Honeywilya Fish is a unique Duxbury business that has a strong environmental stewardship ethic that complements DLT’s own mission. They are a husband-and-wife team: Lynn and Maria Steyaart. Lynn fishes for … Continue reading

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