Cook Property

Located upstream of the Clapp property on Ridley Brook, above Scrabble Hill Rd.

Prior to 2010, the Cook family approached the Duxbury Land Trust in hopes of conserving their Ridley Brook property in North Duxbury.  In May, 2011, their dream was realized when the DLT bought the property. This project was made possible by the Cook’s generosity through a bargain sale, and a $20,000 Vermont Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB) grant.  Addition funds were raised from DLT members and the Duxbury community.

Ridley Brook

This 13.25 acre parcel is adjacent to the 5 acre parcel donated to the DLT by Andy Clapp in 2004, which is located on the corner of Scrabble Hill and Camel’s Hump Road.  The Cook property is bisected by the Ridley Brook and features a spectacular cascade, a balancing rock, and hardwood and softwood trees. In addition to its scenic and recreational attributes, the property provides habitat for a number of wildlife species including:  bear, moose, deer, mink, fisher, woodcock, grouse and songbirds.  The corridor needs to be protected to maintain this recreational and wildlife resource.

With a growing population, an increase of 32% from 1990 to 2000, Duxbury’s natural areas are facing significant development pressures.  According to a study commissioned by the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission, by 2020, an estimated 531 people will be added to Duxbury’s population. This represents an annual growth rate of 1.7% – the highest in the Central Vermont Region.  In conserving stretches of the Ridley Brook corridor, historic recreational (fishing and swimming) and natural resource values (riparian and wildlife habitat) will be maintained for future generations.  The VHCB and VLT will co-hold a conservation easement on the land to ensure that the property is conserved in perpetuity.

Location of parcel in Google Maps


Map of both Cook & Clapp properites from ANR Natural Resouce Atlas