2011 Annual Report

April 1, 2010 – March 31, 2011

The Duxbury Land Trust (DLT) observed its sixteenth anniversary in October 2010.

Conservation of the Cook Property

We received a $20,000 VT Housing and Conservation Board (VHCB) grant for purchase of the 13.25 acre Cook property on the Ridley Brook in North Duxbury. Through the VHCB grant; a generous donation from Central Vermont Trout Unlimited; member donations; donations in memory of Bo Haslam; and special events, we have raised approximately $25,500 toward the $33,000 needed to close on the sale. The closing is scheduled for June 1st and we will have to borrow from our operating fund to meet this deadline. We continue to raise money to reduce our reliance on the operating fund and to raise sufficient funds for long-term stewardship. The Vermont Land Trust and the VHCB will co-hold a conservation easement on the Cook property to ensure that it is never developed.

Development and Outreach Committee

Rose Comyns chairs the Development and Outreach Committee, which has been very active during the program year. The Committee includes: Rose, Catherine Gjessing, Audrey Quackenbush, and Don Welch. Vince Franke and Jim McCarthy were dynamic partners in supporting and enhancing the Committee’s work. Jim and Committee members designed and constructed four Adirondack chairs for the Waterbury Art Show. Vince initiated, coordinated, and conducted exhaustive public relations to raise money for the Cook project through tee shirt sales. DLT members staffed information tables at the Waterbury Art Show and Waterbury Community Fair. The DLT has been showcased in the TD Bank window twice this year. Thanks to Rose’s Committee and other Board members, DLT has recruited 20 new members for a total current membership of 91.

Memorial for Robert “Bo” Haslam

We lost one of our founding and long-time board members, Robert Bo Haslam, during the program year. Bo was actively involved in securing our first property, the Ridley Brook Swimming Hole, and served as Vice-Chair for many years. He inspired the idea of documenting the memories of Duxbury natives, which came to fruition in Common Ground: The Stories from Waterbury to Warren. A park bench, to be placed on one of DLT’s properties, has been built in memory of Bo. A dedication will be scheduled in the summer.

DLT Natural Resource Information Packet

The DLT brochure and natural resource information packet, created several years ago by former board members Jamie Ervin and John Shane, was updated. Former Board member Jesse Guertin and Buy Monthly Publishing were instrumental in producing the new version.

Other Activities During the Year included:

  • Publishing the newsletter
  • Monitoring two conservation easements on Crossett Hill and monitoring the DLT-owned swimming hole and Clapp properties
  • Coordinating Green-Up Day for the fourteenth year
  • Continuing to complete the Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices