Swimming Hole

Located on Camel’s Hump Rd., opposite Marshall Rd.

In 1995, the Duxbury Land Trust purchased a ten acre property on the eastern bank of a traditional, community swimming hole. Vincent and Christine Iorio donated a one acre parcel on the western back of the Ridley that provided swimming hole access. This purchase and generous donation from the Iorios’ resulted in the first locally owned recreational property in the Town of Duxbury. The 11+ parcel features 1,155 feet of brook frontage on the eastern bank and 880 feet of frontage on the western bank. The Vermont Land Trust holds a conservation easement on the property, ensuring that the land can never be developed and a 100 foot forested buffer along the eastern bank must be maintained to protect the water quality of this class A water. Public use for swimming, fishing, hiking, and winter sports is encouraged. A VAST snowmobile trail runs along the Town trail on the eastern side of the property.

Ridley Brook swimming hole

Location of parcel in Google Maps

Swimming Hole

Map from ANR Natural Resource Atlas