Volunteers Needed to Escort Salamanders and Frogs to Safety!

It’s that time of year! The Duxbury Land Trust, in partnership with the North Branch Nature Center, will be rescuing amphibians on a popular (with salamanders and frogs) stretch of River Road in North Duxbury. Salamanders and frogs migrate by the thousands to mate each spring, often crossing roads at great peril. You can help save many of them by escorting them across River Road. You can do this on your own or contact us to organize an outing: either way, it is helpful if you count the critters and log your results for scientific purposes.

A complete guide with resources is provided on the NBNC website (see below), including how to be out there safely for ourselves and the animals. Rain resistant tally forms are available through the NBNC or you can download one for yourself.

The site map link below shows all amphibian crossing sites. Our local sites are 124 and 031, just north and south of where Camels Hump meets River Rd.

For more information and to organize an outing contact: Cara Hart at tookay19@gmail.com or 802-244-8920.


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