Duxbury Town Forest Walk

On November 4, 2017 DLT members Kelley Taft, Trevor Cole and Alan Quackenbush accompanied Kalev Freeman, Jesse Rufenacht and Peter Dicicco of the newly-formed Town Forest committee, along with a few dogs, for a walk-over of the Duxbury Town Forest.


We decided to walk the boundary of the former “Hospital Block” of the Camel’s Hump State Park.  One side was well marked with VT Forests and Parks boundary markers. All pins of the corners were located.  The most western border, also the highest topographically, had been blazed in the past as well as the rest of the boundary. We were able to find most of the blazes back to the starting point at the former “Father Logue” parcel.

The forest is a typical mix of hemlock and northern hardwoods. There was no evidence of recent maintenance or logging activities, as compared with lands beyond the boundary. The land is a series of ledges and plateaus, starting right at the entry to the forest at the end of Hart Road. A stream flows through the property, with many small cascades over bedrock outcrops. There are several small wetlands at the higher elevations that contribute to the hydrology of the stream; they may also function as vernal pools – worth checking out next spring.   We also observed many bear-scarred beech trees.

On the way back, we wanted to check-out the pond, but the mucky wetlands at the upper end were too wet to cross without waders or tall boots. Another feature to explore this year.

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